About me!

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada with my family. I am an Electronic Technologist by trade and have worked in the electronics industry all my life. This was something I have been passionate about from an early age and been fortunate to be involved with throughout. In high school, physics and math was what I was able to relate with but this usually ended up leaving me wondering even more about the world around me.

My friends and I would spend hours in our workshops re purposing, making things and sharing ideas. When CB radio became the latest thing, we would spend hours on that. My brother and I both had CB’s and we attached them to our bicycles. With a motorcycle battery each on the rack we one day headed to the tallest hill to see how far we could talk. That was networking, old school.

Computers then became the next thing. Many an hour was spent typing in programs, and it was all stored on cassette tape. My first one was a Sinclair ZX-81. At high school we had Commodore Vic 20’s and the language we used was BASIC.

After leaving school I had a placement doing work experience with a plumbing and electrical company for a year. I landed my second real job repairing office equipment traveling up and down the UK for a couple of years and then I followed a growing family trend and emigrated to Canada.

After the move I learned how to repair televisions, video recorders and personal computers. I eventually progressed to the IT field providing system and networking solutions for small to medium business. I found the IT industry was very dynamic and decided to attend community college to find work that had more stability.

I joined the aerospace industry where I currently repair aircraft avionics equipment including radar, communication, navigation and instrumentation systems.


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